Rapakko's Paavo: Confidant in many

Farmer Paavo Kauppinen from Vieremä ie. Rapakko’s Paavo was a character with a good social awareness: in spite of the work at the home farm he took part in many ways to the development of the neighborhood, the village, the municipal and the entire county. He was acting in different confidential posts for over 30 years.


The Kauppis-family and studying the history of the family was a pleasing  to him and perhaps his most loved confidential post was to act as a family elder (1976-1989).  After him Vilho Kauppinen from Hankasalmi was appointed to the task.


Paavo had to take back the charge of the farm as an elderly man after his son’s surprising death. And at the same time he became some sort of a surrogate father to his son’s children.   Before his death he had time to see the current farmer’s, Rapakko’s Jussi’s (16th generation), interest to continue the farming. (source: KauppisViesti 1/2006)